DK Readers Level 1

Meet The Dinosaurs (dk Readers Pre-level 1)

Meet The Dinosaurs

Dorling Kindersley Publishers Ltd

ISBN: 1409373673

Are you looking to pick up a book? Meet The Dinosaurs (dk Readers Pre-level 1) is the right kids book. The book is 32 pages long. The book is 8.82"H x 5.75"L x 0.24"W and it has got a weight of 0.18 lbs. Have a look at this advice and you will probably cherish reading books.

This title lets you discover the globe of dangerous dinosaurs and begin a wonderful reading adventure. Simple sentences with an emphasis on frequently utilised words, strong visual clues, picture word strips and labels all work to introduce and reinforce vocabulary. Large text, basic sentences and lots of photos make it easy and fun to assist your youngster start reading confidently. Help your youngster to understand about dinosaurs with visual clues, picture word strips, and labels to introduce and reinforce vocabulary."Pre-Level 1"readers offer delightful narratives for young youngsters to encourage an interest and desire to find out to read.


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