DK Readers Level 1

In The Park: Dk Reader Pre-level 1: In The Park (dk Readers Pre-level 1)

In The Park Dk Reader Prelevel 1

Dorling Kindersley Publishers Ltd

ISBN: 1405306041

The book has 32 pages. While reading is something which everyone can enjoy, there are without doubt some ways in which you might make the enjoyment more pleasant. Some folks say they don't really have the time to read, yet reading is yet another wonderful use of time, particularly with the appropriate book, add to cart by clicking on the hyperlink below.

Lively narrative about each of the fun items that young children can do at a park, which consists of playground rides, riding bicycles, flying kites, playing with a ball and watching ducks in the pond. Large type, simple words and repetition assist young children to absorb and reinforce the words. Simple, short sentences employing wide-ranging but basic vocabulary.


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